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We now live in strange times. Those of us that grew up in the eighties can remember cassette tapes and vinyl records. Those that are younger may remember when CDs were the music format of the future. Now, MP3’s are the new format. As, we watch CD’s go the way of the betamax VCR we wonder… is nothing sacred? Well, maybe just one thing… live performances cannot be out-dated or out-done. If you want to feel the vibe and showcase your dance moves, the live performance cannot be beat. There is no substitute for a person like Carla Blackwell who can just flat-out sing.

Live performance cannot be beat

Carla Blackwell can just flat-out sing

New CD

The new album Carla Blackwell is out and available for purchase through PayPal.

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R&B | Soul | Pop

As a Bay Area native Carla has warmed the hearts and ears of California locals with captivating live performances.

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