We now live in strange times. Those of us that grew up in the eighties can remember cassette tapes and vinyl records. Those that are younger may remember when CDs were the music format of the future. Now, MP3’s are the new format. As, we watch CD’s go the way of the betamax VCR we wonder… is nothing sacred? Well, maybe just one thing… live performances cannot be out-dated or out-done. If you want to feel the vibe and showcase your dance moves, the live performance cannot be beat. There is no substitute for a person like Carla Blackwell who can just flat-out sing.

Carla has been singing since shortly after she began to speak. Her voice is sultry, evocative and full of soul. When you see her show you will be amazed by the power and range of her vocal repertoire. Performing everything from soulful ballads to up beat dance songs, Carla pulls you into her world. Even though her shows bring in the crowd, her charisma and stage-presence makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room and the center of her attention.

Carla has wowed audiences all across the United States from California to New York. Most recently Carla toured Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she performed for the Annual Jazz Festival at Bourbon Street Music Cafe. The people in Brazil loved her so much they have invited to come back and to do it again next year. From small intimate clubs to large sports arenas Carla has delivered time and time again. Carla has the beauty, ability and personality to really get party-goers out of their seats and onto the dance floor. As a performer, Carla’s powerful vocals and engaging stage-presence infuse her audience with life and spirit.